Today we are going to take a look at the amazing PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells. If you are looking to set up your own home gym, these dumbbells would make a great addition to any workout plan. We will go through the features, why you should buy them and the pros and cons of these dumbbells.

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  • Pair of adjustable dumbbell weights for efficient, cost-effective strength training
  • Adjusts from 3 to 24 pounds in 3-pound increments (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 pounds)
  • Selector pin lets you change weights easily, just like with weight stacks at the gym
  • More compact and balanced than traditional dumbbells; padded handle for wrist protection
  • Offers a maximum weight of 24 pounds per hand; limited 10-year warranty


PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells at a glance


Sporting the same build quality and toughness as the more upgradable set, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells, the PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells are a smaller set designed for lighter workouts and cardio sessions. Weighing in at 24 lbs per dumbbell, they allow for quick and easy changes of 8 weight settings.



PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells review


The PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells replace a rack of dumbbells. With weights available from 3 to 24 lbs in 3-lb increments, they are incredibly versatile and allow you to replace 8 sets of separate dumbbells. Not only do they save you space over a number of dumbbells on a rack, but these dumbbells will also save you money over a standard set.


The PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells change in weights of 3 lbs, from 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 lbs, giving you the ability to make small increment changes when performing strength or cardio exercises. Having control over small changes gives you the confidence to try using a heavier weight in whatever exercise you are doing. Adding too much weight, and biting off more than you chew, can set you and your goals back.


Color coding on the weights makes for easy and stress-free changes. The PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells have a color-coded chart on the top near the handle. These correspond to the same color running along the side of the weight. This makes for easy selection of the desired weight.


Weight selection is also made easy by the use of the PowerBlock’s selector pin. Simply slide the pin out, choose your weight, and slide it back in again. Super simple, easy and secure, it makes for easy and fast weight changes when performing any kind of cardio or strength exercise.



Pros and Cons

This is a brief summary of the product reviews on Amazon. At the time of writing, these dumbbells have a 72% 5-star rating out of 530 reviews. If you want to read these in more depth, you can find them here.



Cost is a big pro. At the time of writing, the PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells are priced at $149.99 on At that price, and by replacing 7 sets of individual dumbbells, this makes working out at home more accessible.


In addition, the ability to remove those sets of dumbbells has also been written about in many reviews. Coming in a small compact package, these dumbbells take up very little space. This enables you to work out in your own home, whether it be in your living room, bedroom or garage.


Ease-of-use is also a huge factor that has helped these dumbbells to receive such good reviews. From the color-coded diagram to the one-handed selector pin, these dumbbells are very easy to use. This makes for no-fuss weight changes in the middle of weight training or cardio sessions.




A number of users have talked about it being difficult to change the weights. A number of reviewers report that the selector pin does not slide in smoothly if the dumbbells are not on a flat surface. If the dumbbells are placed on a carpet or another surface that is not completely flat, the selector pin can get stuck and cannot be removed to select different weights.

Noise has also been reported as a con. Users have stated that the PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells can rattle when most or all of its weights are selected. This is due to the gaps between the plates to allow the selector pin to be placed.



PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells are a great addition to any home gym. Weighing up to 21 lbs per dumbbell and with them not being expandable, why would you buy these over the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells? Well it comes down to weight and price. Do you need your dumbbells to go up to 50lbs? To add resistance for cardio workouts, I very much doubt it. Also, the cheapest set of PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells start at $299 for the 50 lbs set. The PowerBlock SpeedBlock Dumbbells are very much a set of cardio resistance dumbbells, and would be perfect for cardio workouts like P90x or FitnessBlender without you breaking your back like with their bigger brother.